One of the very excitable characters on community would be Garrett Xander Lambert a student at Greendale Community College for the last six seasons. He is principally associated with science classes, although he is also active in the AV club and attended an acting course once. He is a highly excitable young man who is regularly flustered and is one of the most eccentric students who frequent the school. Several rallies have been maintained by the Greendale students committed to Garrett in a series to “save” him. His first presentation was in the Season One episode “Social Psychology”. He is represented by actor/comedian Erik Charles Nielson. There are few times we see him the episodes, but when we do he always good for a laugh, he competes in the paintball war among Greendale and the City College Storm Troopers headed by Dean Spreck. The lack of smart phone repair even though all these weird adventures keep occurring makes no sense unless they don’t have any thing repairing. Continue reading

Young Tycoon


Pierce’s boorish and abrasive character was a direct consequence of his upbringing. His life of luxury protected him and made it hard for him to understand typical social norms. His father was no help either since he just finished such a discriminatory southern fool with a Pampa hair piece made from ivory which just made him look ridiculous. Adding to this was him being raised by his father Cornelius who passed on his racist and bigoted beliefs. This position he was built on, coupled with his lack of tact, had gotten him into trouble as he regularly made outrageous statements unaware of how rude and offensive they were. His father was also emotionally abusive towards Pierce when he was a child, often undercutting him and making him feel worthless. In his adulthood, this drove him to elaborate his experiences and competency over in various areas. Most people were fine with this due to the fact his father was so wealthy, but until he meets the study group at Greendale, he didn’t receive a reality check which he needs more so from Jeff, who he sees as a son. Pierce was also fairly gullible; this was evident by his participation in a religious movement known as “Reformed Neo Buddhism” that his colleagues and mother warned him was just a cult. As he was much older than most Greendale students, he experienced disorientation with youth culture. In order to fit in he tried to embrace it with little success, expressly technology. During his time with the study group, they attempted to change his behavior for the better with mixed results. Despite this, he would on occasion astonishment his friends by offering support or some sage advice when they least expected it. Even though dumpster rental business would be great at Greendale i don’t know what they would do at any time. Continue reading

Senior Chang

Senior Chang is the best character in entire series because he is not limited by a false sense of what he does not mean he is willing to fall into the gutter to rise as a king to destroy everything in the end. When we first use his power as a teacher to mess with his students even though now it’s apparent, he doesn’t know what he was saying in English. Made the scenarios following in the classroom more hilarious, pushing the idea of good carrying victories of the crazy unbalanced and pushed individuals to the curve. After Senior Chang is fired from his position by Annie, he tries to figure out what he should do next which is probally when to ask the funny shenanigans started to take place, with his main enemy and all being Jeff we can expect more stuff from in no matter what. The best character in entire series because he is not limited by a false sense of what he does not mean he is willing to fall into the gutter to rise as a king to destroy everything in the end. Following his explanation, we first see him use hide power of crazy behavior to mess with the study group even though now it’s apparent, he wants to join the now in what every they are dying at the time. Continue reading


At Troy and Abed’s home, the study group attempts to convince Officer Cackowski that Chang has displaced Dean Pelton with a look-alike. However, the valid evidence they can present is a current commercial for Greendale, which features propaganda driven through Chang as well as the impostor. Because the footage is shot at a distance, it’s not conclusive. Due to their absence of actual proof, he dismisses their claim, unable to buy such a ridiculous premise. When Annie attempts to return to the building to find more proof, Cackowski issues them a warning: if they get inside fifty yards of the campus, he’ll have them arrested.Back at Greendale, Chang and his lieutenant Joshua are going over plans for his lavish birthday extravaganza. Outside the school, Troy, Annie, and Britta are implementing surveillance of the campus but are unable to get closer anticipated to the massive security. Troy contacts the A/C repair school to find out further information and meets up with Murray at Señor Kevin’s. Troy receives the Dean is being held captive in the cafeteria basement and is provided details on Chang’s security layout. Murray informs him that they’ll require the A/C repair school’s help which they will only provide if Troy ultimately agrees to join them. Troy returns to the study group with the information and Murray’s offer. They all deny the A/C repair school’s assistance and instead set out to plan an elaborate heist.On the evening of Chang’s party, Chang greets Richie and Carl from the Greendale school board. Despite his exhortations to his flocks to be on high alert, Shirley sneaks into the school disguised as a baker who passes the birthday cake. Inside the cake is Annie, dressed in a security guard uniform. Shirley then plugs up a toilet in the ladies restroom. The resulting flood causes Chang’s guards to call in plumbers who turn out to be Troy and Abed in costume, as Barry and Rod. Their job is to break through the wall of the restroom and get to Chang’s office which has the codes to open the door to the cafeteria basement. Meanwhile, Jeff cancels the magician scheduled while Britta gets Joshua to abandon his post by flirting with him on Facebook.