One of the very excitable characters on community would be Garrett Xander Lambert a student at Greendale Community College for the last six seasons. He is principally associated with science classes, although he is also active in the AV club and attended an acting course once. He is a highly excitable young man who is regularly flustered and is one of the most eccentric students who frequent the school. Several rallies have been maintained by the Greendale students committed to Garrett in a series to “save” him. His first presentation was in the Season One episode “Social Psychology”. He is represented by actor/comedian Erik Charles Nielson. There are few times we see him the episodes, but when we do he always good for a laugh, he competes in the paintball war among Greendale and the City College Storm Troopers headed by Dean Spreck. The lack of smart phone repair even though all these weird adventures keep occurring makes no sense unless they don’t have any thing repairing.

 The safe zone in this episode made me laugh because he was a dancer for people’s pleasure which was pointed out by Pierce for Jeff because He is so gay it would be a good relaxing spot for him. His disrespects Annie’s plan at a meeting of the student rebel alliance insisting that he won’t do anything a girl says since they never talk to him which is too funny even to speak about because we all have friends. He follows Troy’s commando squad and helps set up a trap for the City College Storm Troopers within the library. Unfortunately, he gets stuck in the air vent of the study room cutting off their retreat route. He is next seen celebrating the Greendale’s victory over their opponent along with other classmates.
In his fifth year at Greendale, Garrett was attempting to unlock his locker when Neil moved by and reminded him about free crackers at the reopening of Shirley’s Sandwiches. After he had unlocked the combination, molders dropped out, and he bent over to pick them up. Someone snuck up behind him while he was preoccupied and stuck a quarter down his revealed derrière. Garrett froze when this occurred and when the hysteria wore off he rushed to the cafeteria to alert all the students that the “Ass Crack Bandit” had returned.